Can Lumosity Cure All Brain Issues?

Brain training is more than games
Brain training is more than games.
We’re seeing lots of television advertising these days on how you can create perfect brain function just by using software games such as Lumosity. The facts are that if all you need is a little boost to your thinking skills, these programs might be just the ticket for you. But if there are other issues masking as brain issues, these programs won’t cure the underlying cause. How can you tell? Most people have a pretty good idea if their memory loss is more than just a few forgotten names or if they have difficulty with sound discrimination in a crowded room or being over-sensitive to sound and/or light. Even if your not sure, having a thorough assessment is essential. Looking at processing issues (how well your brain interprets the information coming in from your ears and eyes, and areas of the brain with abnormal function can give us information about what training will actually work on the root issues.

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