How to Change Your Life

changing brain function can eliminate illness
Illnesses can change how a brain functions. The images above shows changes in brain function with each type of dysfunction.  Red indicates too much activity and blue too low.

Chronic illness is an issue that is becoming more and more commonplace in our society. The growing concern over the economy, loss of jobs and money has affected us all in one way or another. Our thoughts can actually influence how we feel. Illnesses such as depression, anxiety, even memory loss and the ability to focus can be exacerbated by negative thoughts and our reaction to stress. When we don’t feel well or are depressed we generally ruminate on the negatives in our lives such as I don’t feel good or I’m never going to feel good, everything is bad. In fact, those thoughts could be the very root of our problem. According to the National Science Foundation the average person has between twelve and fifty thousand thoughts per day. If our state of mind is predominantly negative, imagine how many negative thoughts we are generating daily—thousands upon thousands. That is precisely the issue with depression.

But how can thoughts make us physically ill? The answer might lie in the fact that humans mistakenly see thoughts as privileged communication, occupying a rarefied space, immune to mood and feelings, and so represent some incontrovertible truth. Therefore the negative thoughts we allow ourselves to think seem harmless. We are unaware that the despair and hopelessness we feel is actually coming from our negative thoughts. If left unchecked, our negative thoughts can actually cause physical changes, such as negative eating and sleeping patterns or even psychotic changes such as hallucinations and delusions. To make matters worse, we generate negative thoughts so automatically we are unaware they are happening. Negative thinking is one of the strongest habit patterns. We know that mediation and prayer are very strong tools to change these habits. But for many, deep mediation is a very difficult thing to learn and practice on a daily basis.

In our programs we will show you safe and easy tools to help you be more effective at changing habits and brain function. We can help your brain relax and let go of stress, mind chatter and distressing thoughts to allow you to relax into deeper meditative states. We use biofeedback for the brain to help stimulate areas of the brain which have lost function to improve memory and cognitive thinking skills. We change how the brain processes visual and auditory information to help interpret what you hear and see more accurately, change motor function and brain and body communication to help improve coordination and balance. We even can change how your eyes work together to allow you better depth-of-field, clearer vision and hand-eye coordination.

The brain is changing constantly throughout our lives. New brain cells and connections are created when we learn something new, just as connections that are no longer being used for things such as old habits, are pruned away. We will show you how to change your brain so you will function optimally and improve your daily life. Just call 949-276-8704 or 714-269-7990 today or click on link for more information.

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