Girls and Concussion

Fatal brain injuries in high school sports outside football are exceedingly rare, but post-concussion syndrome  in which dizziness, lethargy and the inability to concentrate can cost teenagers weeks or months of school is a growing concern. AND it was just as common among girls as boys and even more misunderstood.

Concussions are not being diagnosed as readily on girls.
Can injury or concussion can happen even if you DON'T lose consciousness.
In general the medical profession does not do a very good job in recognizing that female athletes sustain concussions at an equal or even higher rate as males. Therefore, looking for concussions in women is not pursued with the same diligence, and it’s setting girls up problems.

According to a study published in the Journal of Athletic Training, football has the highest rate of concussions in high school sports, with 47 such injuries per 100,000 player games or practices. Girls soccer was second highest with 36 per 100,000, followed by boys soccer and girls basketball.

Most soccer concussions are caused by hard falls to the ground or collisions with other players. Heading the ball is not a primary cause, studies have determined, because the impact is not of sufficient force to send the brain crashing into the skull.

Girls are just as competitive as boys, and they’ll push through concussions just like boys . For every one girl who ends up getting treated, there are four or five who keep playing because they don’t want to admit they’re hurt. It’s easier not to do anything. The results of this will show up later in life making brain function an issue in later years.

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