Asperger's, Anger and Relationships

Aspies are not all alike.
Not all Aspies are alike. Many have wonderful relationships and family life.
Not all Aspies ( or those with Asperger Syndrome) are alike. Adults with Asperger syndrome may experience a range of problems, including difficulties in negotiating friendships and relationships, and finding a suitable job. Training and experience can help to build coping skills.

A person with Asperger syndrome may have trouble understanding the emotions of other people, and the subtle messages sent by facial expression, eye contact and body language are often missed or misinterpreted. Because of this, people with Asperger syndrome might be mistakenly perceived as being egotistical, selfish or uncaring.

These are unfair labels because the person concerned is neurologically unable to understand other people’s emotional states. People with Asperger syndrome are usually shocked, upset and remorseful when told their actions were hurtful or inappropriate.

People with Asperger syndrome can sometimes appear to have an ‘inappropriate’, ‘immature’ or ‘delayed’ understanding of sexual codes of conduct. This can sometimes result in sexually inappropriate behavior. For example, a 20-year-old with Asperger syndrome may display behaviors which befit a teenager.

Even individuals who are high achieving and academically or vocationally successful can have trouble negotiating the ‘hidden rules’ of courtship.

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