How to Improve Your Brain

Improve your brain
Tips to help you improve brain function.
Do you play a single-stringed guitar? How about a piano with a single key? I know my guitar has six strings and I need them all for all the sounds they make.

Your life should not have just a single string either. To make your life a melody, you, your body and your brain need variety.

Take exercise: Spending all of your time on a bench in the gym may let you eventually press 400 pounds, but those powerful arms will look silly if you ignore the rest of your body! Your exercise plan should balance exercise for your body with exercise for your brain.

After all, there are many different machines in the gym, but the brain helps run the body as well as all those muscles.

Your diet should also be a symphony of foods that includes protein, vegetables, fruits, yes, and even carbohydrates. High-protein, low carbohydrate diets may cause quick weight loss, but these diets can affect your brain performance. Recent research at Tufts University showed that a low-carb diet can quickly affect your memory, reaction time, and visuospatial skills. Don’t omit this important string from your diet. Your brain needs energy to think and grow and carbs help provide it.

Make sure that your diet includes fish that contain Omega 3 fatty acids to help your brain and immune system. But avoid farmed tilapia: it actually has few Omega 3 fatty acids. But it does have an abundance of Omega-6, which is potentially harmful to the heart. That old standby salmon is still one of the best sources of what you need.

In my field, cognitive science, I’ve found that a six-stringed approach is most effective. Combining brain technologies improves the effectiveness of each. Some may target the vestibular system while others may improve executive brain performance. While most people can use improvement in both areas, I’ve seen a synergistic effect when used together.

So don’t just rely on a single string. If you want to improve your brain performance or just need to address a specific issue, such as memory, look for someone who knows how to play a complete tune.

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