Brain Training Can Help Prevent and Treat Alzheimer’s

Brain Training Can Help Prevent and Treat Alzheimer's Disease
You can improve and even reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.

Our studies have shown that BrainAdvantage interventions can be effective in preventing, slowing and treating Alzheimer’s and mild cognitive impairment.

We believe that the brain training’s benefits seen by our patients are created by increasing cognitive reserve, which allows the brain to perform tasks even if there is damage to the pathways between brain cells. According to a review published in the September 2010 edition of “Nature,” one study of 29,000 people demonstrated that those with the highest cognitive reserves had a 46 percent reduced risk of developing dementia compared to those with lower reserves. The review also agreed with our findings that brain training can partially reverse dementia even after the symptoms are apparent.

We have known for several years that our specialized, integrated programs have had great success with those suffering from stroke, traumatic brain injury and age-related cognitive decline. We’ve seen spectacular improvements in long-term, short-term and working memory, as well as visual and auditory processing, NeuroMotor skills and attention, among other cognitive skills. Now we’re starting to see how our brain training methodology can be beneficial in helping to reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

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