Mild Asperger's Syndrome

Mild Asperger's Syndrome
Could your child have Mild Asperger's Syndrome?

Asperger's syndrome is a higher functioning level of autism. Those with mild Asperger's syndrome have even fewer noticeable symptoms. they are therefore sometimes difficult to diagnose and may not be identified until later childhood or even until they are adults.  Additionally,  every case of Asperger's is unique, with people experiencing an individualized set of symptoms. These Symptoms of may include:

  • Trouble with two-way communication: in other words, they don't listen to the other side of the conversation.  
  • Difficulty with social cues: they may say or act inappropriately and seem oblivious to others' reactions. They may miss someone's subtle attempt to leave a conversation.
  • Social awkwardness: trouble making a connection to form and maintain relationships and friendships. 
  • Trouble with verbal cues: Can't understand verbal instruction and needs visual cues to learn.
  • Mindblindness: A newer term meaning, taking things too literally and not understanding subtle language and emotional cues
  • Limited  interests: they may have a narrow range of interests and no interest in participating in other 's activities or subjects.
  • Compulsive: prefers a rigid routine and gets irrationally upset when the routine is disrupted.
  • Sensory processing disorder: over-sensitivity to sounds, sights, physical contact or tastes.
  • Motor skill issues: some limitations in both gross and fine motor skills. For example, may have taken longer to learn how to ride a bike or gain skill at handwriting during childhood.
  • Obsessions: He has an unusual ability to focus intently on a favorite activity or subject for hours without noticing the passage of time, other people or his environment.
  • Repetitive behavior: includes unusual rituals or repetitive actions in a strict routine such as hand flapping or rocking back and forth. Many of these repetitive actions are performed in a very specific manner. For example, they may flap their hands four times before opening a door.


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