Can brain injury cause autism?

Autism is an issue that we're still trying to unravel. its not an illness like measles, its a combination of neurological symptoms along a spectrum which are different for each autistic individual. there have been possible links identified with genetics, heavy metals, immune disorders, vaccinations, epilepsy, toxins, allergies, oxygen deprivation and head injury just to name a few.
Anything which causes a brain to dysfunction on a permanent basis by altering the structural or functional integrity of the neurology can cause the various groups of symptoms, which we have come to recognize as autism.
Therefore knowing there are those who have suffered brain injuries, that resulted in symptoms which lie on the autistic spectrum, the answer has to be, sometimes a brain injury can lead to autism, but not all head injuries cause autism.
Can brain injury cause autism?:
Autism may be caused from head trauma, depending on what areas of the brain are involved.
The good news is there are answers to both rewiring the brain to heal injury and eliminating other issues related to autism
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  3. My son at 5/6 had a metal gate smash him in the head so hard the gate then swang back as far as it could to return and smash my sons head a second time. He ended up with a gash just above his right eye an inch long and deep. Hospital stitched him up but didn't xray. His behavior soon after changed drastically and 2/3 years on he was diagnosed with ADHD, ASD and anxiety. Could it be related to his head injury, before the injury he was your typical little boy...

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  5. I fell off a slide and landed on my head as a 4 yr old child which might be why I have moderate Asperger's syndrome and social awkwardness since then which is nearly 30 years later. Also I was bullied a whole lot in middle school and harbor a fair amount of resentment against those who bullied & ostracized me.

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