What Are the Potential Side-Effects of BrainAdvantage Training?

Unlike the use of medications for treating ADD/ADHD, our training techniques rarely produce negative side-effects. In fact, lack of side-effects is a major reason for the use of these techniques.

While you should not experience negative side-effects, you may experience additional benefits. Some individuals report increased relaxation, reduced stress, and a heightened sense of control over their bodies, thoughts, and feelings during or immediately after treatment sessions. A very, very small minority of individuals have reported brief periods of negative feelings (e.g., anxiety, or frustration) or negative physical sensations (e.g., fatigue, dizziness, tingling sensations) while undergoing treatment. These negative side-effects are very rare and usually last for only a short period of time. 

Individuals should be aware that some BrainAdvanatge technologies can have a significant effect on seizure activity for those with seizure disorders. This effect, however, can be positive (i.e., a reduction in seizures). However, prior notice of any seizure disorders is required so we may adjust training protocols.
Some families experience a disruption in family roles and relationships after the family member who has received training improves. 

The problem behaviors of the family member with attention, focus or memory problems may have masked other family problems that come into the spotlight once the symptoms are reduced. The anxiety levels of family members may increase, because they have been used to focusing on one problem and now must focus on a new one. For this reason, family plans are available to include all family members in this process.

Always let BrainAdvantage practitioners know immediately if you feel any changes.

Longer Lasting Reactions:
You may experience a one- or two-week period of increased emotion such as anger, fear, or irritability. Or you may feel as if you have tremendous energy to do things, or feel very tired.

These increases in sensations and awareness of emotions are due to the limbic cortical loop and neurological pathways reorganizing. You are encouraged to report any and all changes you or your child may be experiences.

We also ask that you inform us of any medications you use while you participate, and are not to change your medications without first informing your physician or therapist.